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When my then 2-year-old son asked me, "Mommy, where do dump trucks sleep at night?", I knew he had asked me a question that could turn into a picture book.
I did not know though, that he had just asked me a question that would turn into my bestselling vehicle bedtime book series.
All the vehicles in the books get ready for bed just like boys and girls. 
Now there are more than a million copies of the various books in this series in print, they have made the USA Today besteller list, and there is even a boxed set of the first three board books. Yay!
But what makes me most happy is when I hear from a parent how very much their child enjoys reading my little board book for bedtime. That is the true magic of children's books. And I am so honored that my books get to be a part of your children's lives!

Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night?

all books in series 

illustrated by Christian Slade

Random House

Available in hardcover, board book and read & listen editions.

Also available in a boxed set.

All the books in the series are available at this link:

( gives a 10% commision on every sale to wonderful, amazing, incredible independent bookstores.)

"Sure to find an audience among small fans of big trucks."  -Booklist

"...Trucks can be big and noisy and moderately terrifying. Caught right, as here-- what's not to love?"   -Kirkus Reviews

"...a solid choice for any truck-obsessed preschooler... Fun, imaginative verse appears on every page."   -School Library Journal

"Taking you from the construction site to the farm to the monster truck arena and more, little ones will be ready to close their eyes by the time they've visited each truck."  --Random Acts of Reading

"This book is just plain adorable! ...The rhyming text compliments with words that are perfectly matched to the individual machine."  -- Youth Services Book Review

"...a must have for every little one who is a big truck/construction truck lover!" --CMLD Kids/Teens Book Reviews

"The pictures in this book are amazing and the rhyming phrases that accompany them make this a super cute story." --Kiss the Book (a book review site for school librarians)



VERDICT Train lovers will be sure to take this bedtime read for a ride. A sound selection for one-on-one and small group sharing, perfect for bedtime story hours.

--School Library Journal 

"Sayres and Slade move naturally from their truck lullaby, Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? (2012), to this nighttime serenade to all things train. In gentle scenes that reflect the colors of the setting sun or are lightened by the stars and moon under a dusky-blue sky, anthropomorphized trains prepare to bed down for the night. "Where do snowplow trains sleep / after all the tracks are clear? / Do their moms say, ‘Plow your toys, kids— / bedtime's almost here'?" The rhyming verse and illustration pair to make clear to readers the job of each train: the monorail's heavy-lidded eyes look toward the airport it services, and the subway rests under a brightly lit and busy city street reminiscent of Times Square. Trains include steam, passenger, freight, fire, high-speed, and breakdown trains as well as trolleys, and the ending suitably places most around a roundhouse under their blanket of stars…before a turn of the page reveals a boy and a girl asleep in their twin beds, their toy trains and tracks laid out in an otherwise pristine bedroom. Pair this with Kevin Lewis' Chugga-chugga Choo-choo, illustrated by Daniel Kirk (1999), for more train fun. Thanks to the popularity of Thomas the Tank Engine, hopeful engineers will want to be able to identify the many different types of trains, and their out-of-the-know adults will appreciate this inclusive primer.

——Kirkus Reviews


Now available in a portable board book edition--perfect to take with you on an airplane! The same team that brought you Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? and Where Do Steam Trains Sleep at Night? has created another high-flying bedtime story--this one for plane enthusiasts!

Have you ever wondered what little airplanes do when it's time for bed? Jumbo jets, biplanes, helicopters--even Air Force One!--power down, wash up, and listen to stories with mommy and daddy planes beneath a blanket of stars, getting ready to fly to dreamland.


Little airplane lovers will be tickled to see how bedtime is the same for their favorite flying vehicles as it is for them, as they come down to earth for sleepy time.

(From the Publisher)

"Combining a quiet, nocturnal story with the ever popular subject of flying machines, this is a nifty bedtime book for budding aviators." —Kirkus Reviews


This author-illustrator team add nautical nighttime bliss to their ever growing roster of transportation-related beddy-bye books (Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night?, 2017, etc.).

Even motorized ocean denizens have to go to bed sometime. A wide range of grinning, anthropomorphic boat caregivers call in their little ones against richly painted scenes of skies, stars, and seas....  With each new boat the sun dips lower until readers are left at last in a home where a child’s toy boats perch on the edge of the bath at the end of a long day. As with the previous books in the series, each image incorporates a little white mouse, playing peekaboo with readers in each and every spread.

Seaworthy, sleepworthy, bedtimeworthy fare. (Picture book. 3-6) Kirkus Reviews


In the fourth of her vehicle-themed series, Sayres theorizes how different types of trucks—forklifts, mixers, cranes, tanker trucks, and others—might celebrate Christmas. She writes in pleasantly rhyming verse: “Where do tractors celebrate Christmas/ after plowing row by row?” Slade’s artwork shows the bright-eyed, anthropomorphic trucks hanging Christmas decorations, sipping eggnog, and cuddling up beneath mistletoe. All the trucks celebrate together at a snowy construction site until, finally, the trucks come closer to home, appearing toy-size under a tree. Beyond the playful depictions of trucks indulging in Christmas cheer, readers might especially enjoy details about the heavy lifting the trucks do during their day’s work. 

--Publisher's Weekly

What do diggers do? Just what we do at Christmastide, in Brianna Caplan Sayres jolly new Where Do Diggers Celebrate Christmas? (Random House, 2018). Author Sayres offers up warm servings of Yuletide quatrains about big machines having holiday fun, while noted artist Christian Slade provides the charming Christmasy caricatures of construction equipment in their holiday habitats, in a picture book with scads of kid appeal, especially in the closing in which the big machines morph into their toy versions waiting under the tree for those little fans of things that go VRROOOMMM! VRROOOMMM! Pair this one with Sherry Duskey Rinker's newest best-seller, Construction Site on Christmas Night... for a timely twosome for a little motorhead lover's Christmas stocking


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