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Brianna's Bio:
BRIANNA CAPLAN SAYRES is thrilled to be living her childhood dream of being a children's book author. Brianna is proud to be the author of many picture books including the bestselling WHERE DO DIGGERS SLEEP AT NIGHT? series published by Random House. Brianna is also proud to be the founder of Intergalactic Afikoman, a new publisher of Jewish children's books whose goal is to publish "out-of-this-world Jewish books for today's Jewish kids". Brianna lives with her husband and her two future astronauts in her hometown, Seattle, Washington.
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More about Brianna:
In my fourth grade year book, my career goal was to "write books with my dad". I was 9-years-old then and now I'm a grown-up. So I have wanted to write books for a long time. 
For many years, I would ask my husband, "Do you think I'm going to get published someday?" and he would say, "Yes." But one day, I asked him that question and he thought about it and said, "No." "What???" I said. My husband explained, "You're not going to get published unless you get serious about writing and sending the manuscripts you write out to editors."
He was right! So I got serious and made it my goal to get 100 rejections. Many people thought it was a crazy goal! Writers want acceptances, not rejections, right? But if I never got brave enough to get rejections, then I would never get acceptances. 
I started to submit my stories and poems. And I did get rejections. But I also started to get acceptances. One day, Highlights accepted three of my poems. My baby son could not figure out why mommy was screaming so loudly. Here was a magazine I had loved for so long, and they were accepting my writing. I could hardly believe it! 
As you can probably guess, when my wonderful editor accepted WHERE DO DIGGERS SLEEP AT NIGHT?, I was through the moon!
Now I have many more children's books published. But I still feel through the moon about every single one. And I am so very honored that I get to edit picture books now too. I am so very happy that parents and children are enjoying my stories together.
And I keep writing... and editing. So be on the lookout for more fun books coming soon!
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